One of the best pieces of advice I have received is how to view yourself from a different perspective – from the perspective of your best friends.  You know how before you leave for the day you take one last look in the mirror?  You look at your hair, analyze your outfit choice, and make sure that there are no random spots of mascara on your eyelids because you had to rush to put it on before class. It’s a very quick glance, but it’s a crucial one as it is the final critique you make of yourself before you leave to conquer your hectic schedule.

This final look in the mirror is when you need to look at yourself as if your best friend was looking at you.  We all have that one person who finds beauty in every aspect of who we are, I am blessed to say that I have many of these types of friends. These are the people who know you best and love all of your quirks and imperfections. Picture them looking at you one final time before you leave for the day, what would they say? Yes, of course they would point out your messy bun or lack of effort in clothing choice on those days where yoga pants are the only thing that make the cut, but the best part is they would still say you look beautiful – and better yet, they would mean it.

Your best friend looks at your appearance and makes a judgement, this is normal for all humans to do.  However, what makes your best friend truly great is that they are able to see beyond that. They look past your tangled hair and blemishes and see your heart and the life within you. They recognize your warmth and unique personality and judge your appearance based on what lies within you without even realizing it. You could look completely hagged and they would still honestly believe that you look exquisite because they solely see who you are as a person when all jokes are aside.

Appearance has always been prominent in society and this is not something that will change any time soon. I admit that feeling pretty definitely brightens up your day and it’s great to look in the mirror and know you look good – but it’s important to not focus all of your energy on your looks. What is considered “desirable” in terms of one’s appearance is constantly changing; but desirable traits, as far as personality is concerned, typically remain the same. Everybody wants to be around someone who is funny, genuine, and an overall kind-hearted person. These are the things a person should recognize within themselves when looking in a mirror and these are the aspects of oneself that should be enhanced. Looks can always be improved upon and that can be exhausting, but it takes little effort to smile and be kind.

So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror take an extra minute to envision who you are within. Chances are you look pretty anyways, stop over-analyzing yourself. Focus on bettering what lies within you and I promise that you will be happier when you take that final glance in the mirror; eventually you will learn to see yourself in the same way that your best friends do.

XO – Autumn

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