Finals Week Snowfall

IMG_1085 (1)
Fanueil Hall Christmas Tree Lighting, Boston

December may be here but where’s the snow? I miss the feeling that comes with a snowfall. The romantic white snowflakes flow through the sky and coat the worn out ground, temporarily covering the dirt and fallen leaves. Snow creates a peacefulness like no other, even in the busy cities it somehow silences the noise.

I’ve always struggled to find a year round type of snowfall, something that has the power to overcome my mind – or should I say the thoughts constantly racing through it. With finals week here I become even more aware of my inability to stop them. “Should I do one of my papers now or study?”  “Did I reply to that e-mail?” “I need food.” “Submit your internship apps!” 

I may not think I’m stressed, due to the fact that I’m always planning and preparing, but I feel it overcoming me more often than not.

Freshman year I found yoga, thankfully. I rely on those classes every week to escape my thoughts…or at least try to. I’ll be doing great, focusing on my breathing, and then unexpectedly find myself going through my to-do list while I’m sweating in downward dog.

Why can’t I let myself have a break? The constant need for perfection, that must be it. At least that’s what my mom always says, “You need to learn how to unwind, you put too much pressure on yourself.” Thanks mom, I wish, and I’m trying.

I wholeheartedly believe that taking care of yourself is a top priority. If you’re not happy or healthy how do you expect to succeed?

Working out makes me feel good about myself and distracts me from my workload for awhile. Netflix, dare I say it, is the best distraction sometimes to completely forget about what’s racing through my mind. Books are very similar too. They both get me to focus on something else entirely, usually making me laugh which is a plus.

My favorite relief for those stressful weeks? My friends. Take time to see the people who make you smile. They’ll help to lessen your stress without you even realizing it. I even do homework with my friends, knowing we’re all working towards the same goal of crushing our finals. Being surrounded by people who want to thrive just like you is great motivation.

You can try all of these things to wind down but we all know some days we have to continue on through the stress. Most importantly, forgive yourself on those days you feel overwhelmed. Handle one thing at a time and know by the end of the week you’ll be done with it all.

Finals week has the power to break you but you don’t have to let it.

Good luck everyone! The snow should be here soon.

XO – Autumn


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