Cheers to 2016


New Year’s Eve – an evening filled with excessive dancing, champagne showers, and of course jello-shots made with “edible” glitter. It was a memorable night to end yet another year with the people that mean the most to me – plus a bunch of randoms who were oddly persistent in recruiting people to play flip-cup. Who are you again?

Whether you’re the type to lay low on a couch silently judging those who proudly sing along to every song that plays or you prefer to dominate the beer pong table, who cares as long as you enjoyed yourself. My friends and I are the ones who obnoxiously danced and sang, like always. Especially when our “fam” song from the summer came on and the guys felt the need to belt it out as we all swayed as if we were back at the ZBB concert together.

We may be aggressive but at least we’re always laughing.

Every year people make new resolutions to try to better themselves and alter some aspect of their lives. If this is the push some people need to initiate change, that’s great. But why does it just have to be this day? Why can’t we all better ourselves everyday as we slowly discover who we are?

I’ve heard of people making resolutions in the form of a single word. The word they choose will act as a reminder every day, something they can strive to embody or pursue. The word can be anything from love or happiness to courage and travel. I love this idea.

Recognizing what you want out of the upcoming year is important for everyone to do, and choosing a word will help you get to where you want to be. Making resolutions has never been a priority of mine. I tend to focus more on my NYE outfit as opposed to one resolution I want to stand by. It’s definitely a personality trait but I prefer to focus on a word or maybe even a phrase that can affect all aspects of my life – a consistent reminder.

Changes are essential in one’s life, as I have written about before, and they are necessary throughout the entire year depending on what occurs in your life. A resolution may be an ideal starting point, but you must continue to adapt and make adjustments as the year goes on. It can even be fun, if you have the right outlook.

“Living vicariously through myself” is a phrase I recently saw that seemed perfectly fitting for what I want to accomplish in 2016. It’s a reminder to continue living my life for myself and doing what excites me – all while embracing who I’m becoming.

No matter what type of resolution you choose to make or what word you pick as a daily reminder, may this year bring you nothing but happiness and more enjoyable memories! And may you have genuine loved ones and friends that feel like family to see you through the good and not so great times that lie ahead.

Cheers to 2016! Remember to live for yourself.

XOXO – Autumn

PS. I hope you surprise yourself too.


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