Biddeford Pool, Maine

There are many questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis as an attempt to understand, or sometimes justify, our thoughts and actions. Some questions utilize the tough love approach such as “what were you thinking?”, while others are more simplistic yet hold great depth, “why?”.  I have recently found a question that I ask myself many times a day, “what would make you happy?”.

I have found that this simple question has the ability to make a positive difference in one’s life. We are typically taught to share and to look out for others, which can lead to putting other people first in many situations.  I agree that the happiness of loved ones is truly important, but part of appreciating someone else’s happiness is first being stable within your own.

Happiness is a state of being. A person can live an overall happy and blessed life, but the actual feeling of being happy is fleeting.  That is why it is so important to recognize the moments of true happiness in your life and dwell in them while they are happening. Everyone is seeking happiness, and asking yourself this simple question will help to establish what would enhance yours. We will not always be able to do exactly what makes us happy, but being aware of one’s happiness and the reasoning behind it is the first step to increasing it day by day.

Selfishness is a trait that is frowned upon, as it should be – but I believe that being selfish for your happiness is the one exception. So when you are trying to figure out your plans for the day or wondering what your next move should be, just ask yourself “would that make me happy?” and if the answer is yes, what’s stopping you?

XOXO – Autumn

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