Never Settle

summer '15
Biddo Pool summer ’15

Deleted my twitter app and queued in summer. After all, it is the season designated to refreshing ourselves is it not? It is said that every summer has a story but it is not entirely understood what defines these unique stories. Is it how many crazy parties you went to? How tan you were able to get from your countless beach days? Or maybe it’s something more productive; like how much money you earned or what type of impression you made at your internship? Either way, I believe that a combination of many moments are what make for a memorable summer, but most importantly it comes down to who you spend your summer with.

Growing up in a smaller town has allowed for close-knit friendships with the same people year after year. Some may dislike the lack of options when it comes to choosing friends, and in most cases I can see why. It is crucial to surround yourself with people who allow you to grow and explore who you are. These types of friends can typically be difficult to find, especially in small towns.

I am blessed to say that I have a solid group of friends who not only make my days more memorable but unknowingly give me continuous strength to be who I am. My friends and I all possess very different personalities but what brings us together is the likeness of our hearts. This group dynamic of diverse mindsets and interests is why I never get tired of being with the same people. We continue to challenge one another through our difference in opinions while always managing to make each other laugh. There is a comfort in knowing that the people I invest my time and love into genuinely care about me as much as I do them.

This is mostly a shout out to my hometown friends who help shape my adventurous summers and are always looking out for my happiness; but I feel that it is important to share the message of never settling when it comes to choosing the people you allow into your life. It is natural to feed off of other people’s energies and this is why it is necessary to associate with people who have your best interest at heart. These should be the friends that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. They should support you and your crazy dreams and be as genuine as your own heart.

I believe that it is better to be alone than to invest your time and love into people who would not do the same for you. Choose wisely and be patient because finding friends that feel like family is worth the wait, I promise.

Never settle.

XO – Autumn

One thought on “Never Settle

  1. Mom August 24, 2015 / 12:29 am

    Very well said. Love you and those fantastic friends of yours!


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