“This is my Best Friend”

Rose Garden - fall

The concept of best friend is one that is foreign to most people.  I hear girls introducing their newly found friend of two months as their best friend, without hesitation, and it baffles me.  I strongly believe that the title of best friend is one that should be earned and not given out to the people who happen to be the most relevant in your life at the time.

A best friend is not someone you have known for only a few weeks and have the same taste in music and favorite drink as.  No.  A best friend is somebody who knows what you’re thinking when you aren’t saying anything.  They know your heart, your passions, and of course your taste in clothing. If you are blessed to have life-long friends than they most definitely know your order at your favorite local food places too.  It’s little things like this that give somebody the right to be called your genuine best friend.

I have grown to learn that finding those few close friends does happen faster in your college years.  This is probably due to the timing of our lives. We’re all striving to attain our dreams while simultaneously letting loose together on the days when life becomes overwhelming. We are sharing very similar experiences and are more confident in who we are, naturally gravitating towards people who seek that same thrill in life – in whatever that may be.

This is not to say that new friends who identify as best friends do not share an authentic friendship (although you’ll probably have a new “best friend” next month) but rather to recognize the difference in these types of friends compared to life long friends. Until you have cried together, eaten unnecessary amounts of food together, and answered their phone calls at 3:00am you do not understand the true meaning of genuine friendship.

Friendships need love and attention just like any other valuable relationship. Being a best friend never feels like work however, because involving yourselves in each other’s lives is nothing short of a gift.

So please, don’t taint the meaning behind best friend by continuing to throw it around as if it holds no depth. Cheers to the people who know the true meaning behind these words and here’s hoping others will soon find those friends whom make this relevant to their lives.

XO – Autumn

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