Just Say Thank You

Future is Female
Future is Female – Neighborhood’s Cafe, Boston

Every day I take the time to write in my gratitude journal. It takes five minute tops and it’s something I truly enjoy doing. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on everything I have to be thankful for, no matter what kind of day I’m having.

I recently held a program at my college and handed out gratitude journals to random people. I explained the basic concept and the importance of thankfulness. One girl asked me, “Do you really find something to be thankful for every day?” I never thought this could be deemed a difficult task. She was amazed when I said “yes” without hesitation and I was shocked she even asked that question in the first place.

I feel that many people believe being thankful is associated with big things. Having a lot of money, welcoming a new life into the world, or even getting the perfect job. These are all wonderful reasons to be thankful but if we just focus on the big-ticket items we miss out on living a life of gratitude, and that in itself isn’t something to pass up.

I took the time to explain to the baffled girl how easy it is to find something in each day to celebrate. The perfectly crispy bacon at brunch, a kind text message from a friend, a sunny morning, or even a heads-up penny on the ground. Some of my friends may laugh at my amazement with nature or love for simple moments, but I know this appreciation for the little things is what allows me to be a positive person. And better yet, my outlook helps to connect me with others who share this same quality.

Embracing a mindset of thankfulness allows for even more blessings to enter your life. If you can be grateful for the big things, then you can easily learn to appreciate the minor things too. Plus, it just makes for better days to choose to say thank you for what you have instead of focusing on the things you lack. Because what’s the point in dwelling on the negatives?

It really is easy to attract goodness into your own life. Simply start by saying “thank you” and go from there.

Cheers loves! May you all find endless reasons to be grateful each day.

XOXO – Autumn

Cheers to My Ladies

Athena – Goddess of War, Wisdom, and the Arts. Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.


There is so much energy here in Las Vegas. Crowds of people walking the strip, searching for that one slot machine that will give them the big jackpot. Herds of ladies trying to work their cameras as they follow a yellow flag on their walking tour. Groups of bachelorettes strutting through the casino in their little black dresses knowing they’re turning heads. Women arm in arm with their men as they sneak playful kisses walking down the marble hallway of The Venetian. And of course, the older ladies who fully embody the word bedazzled and fluff their imitation Farrah Fawcett hair every ten minutes.

These ladies are colorful. They are brilliant in their own ways, especially when they’re drunkenly cheering one another on. Their bold personalities have me missing my fierce ladies back home.

I’ve already written about my overbearing love for my best friends, you could say one too many times. Obsessed? Possibly. Proud to show them off? Always.

Not only are the women in my life generous and ambitious, but they are passionate. Passionate about music and their love for food. Passionate about their faith and the power of the universe. Passionate about living independently. Passionate about their future goals and advancing their unique talents. They exude an energy that draws you in and makes you feel like you can do anything. These are my favorite types of people. These are the women worth celebrating.

It’s a privilege to be a woman. To know what it takes to thrive in this world and overcome obstacles that men are blissfully unaware of. We are nurturing by nature and strong by choice, learning from past badass ladies who blazed a trail for the women of today.

Chelsea Handler spoke out today and her words resonated with me, “If you have trouble being bold for yourself, you can always be bold for the other women.” Be brave for the women who aren’t able to have a voice. Be fearless for the women who are too scared to dream. And be bold for the mothers who only want the best for their daughters.

I am so proud of the woman I am becoming and even more proud of the women I surround myself with. There are no limits when it comes to our futures. Our possibilities are endless. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

Cheers to us, on International Women’s Day.┬áNever stop thanking and supporting the fabulous women in your life because you know damn well they are doing the same for you. Stay fearless. Stay passionate. And most importantly, stay bold.

XOXO – Autumn