Looking Forward

Biddeford Pool, Maine

I’m the type of person who enjoys a busy lifestyle. Hell, I thrive on it. Whether it’s during finals week of college or the sunniest day in the dead of summer, I’m happiest when I’m doing things and going places. I love the rush that comes with this style of living. Always down to experience new things but prioritizing what’s important; it’s the type of journey I have grown to embrace every day.

Of course real life cannot be ignored. Working a job, maintaining relationships, and continuing to strive towards your goals are all part of the craziness that comes with building a life.

Not all days can be thrilling and eye opening but they never have to be entirely dull. I like to ask myself “what would make you happy?” when planning out my days. It’s a simple question but it can have a great impact. You may not want to go to work, but you know you have no choice (sadly, money will always be a reigning factor in our decisions). Within this mindset of having to go to work, it’s important to find a positive. You already know what to expect, so why not find a way to make your day more enjoyable? Switch up your routine by making time to do something you know will put a guaranteed smile on your face.

Prioritize your happiness within the life you’re living while working towards the life you desire.

Part of living a busy lifestyle is taking the time to appreciate it. I do this by giving myself things to look forward to. Whether it’s knowing my favorite meal is waiting for me in the fridge at home (hello BBQ ribs) or buying tickets to a concert that is months away, I always give myself a reason to smile. Knowing my future is as bright as my present moments is what continuously gives me the push to keep going every day.

Plan ahead. You know yourself better than anyone, what makes you happy? Now go do it.

XO – Autumn


Let’s Call it Brunch

Marble Head 10/12/15
Marble Head with my favorite brother

“Mimosas!!” My mom excitedly texted me as we discussed the plans for my upcoming birthday brunch. I wanted to host some type of party, like we do every year for my birthday, but I finally felt that turning twenty-one was the cut off for decking the house out in balloons and streamers (even though I will always secretly love that). What could we host so that I could still be graced by my crazy family’s presence but not qualify as a birthday party? A brunch of course.

It was perfect timing really. I had a long weekend to come home from Boston and have an early birthday celebration with my family and friends. My parents were true angels prepping for the brunch and getting everything I had hoped for, especially the croissants – my favorite. I woke up early in the morning on Saturday, well 9:00am, but I surprisingly didn’t struggle to leave the warmth of my bed knowing I’d soon be surrounded by yummy food and all of my family.

That’s my favorite part about hosting parties at my house, hearing the voices get louder and feeling the rooms get cozier as everyone arrives. I love the way my cousins’ faces light up as they walk in the door and are greeted and hugged by all. Or the way my aunts and memeres instantly ask if they can help with anything while my uncle’s greet one another with a friendly handshake, beer in hand. All the grandparents tend to congregate in the living room making it easy to tell them about my college adventures only once. They always lean in closer to hear each other better but it makes me chuckle cause they’re still unknowingly yelling as they swap stories.

Family parties can definitely be stressful, especially if you have a daughter like me who likes everything a certain way. I always have expectations of how I want things to go and I am lucky that my parents have learned to tolerate me over the years. That’s not to say we didn’t have a couple of tiffs setting up for the brunch that morning. “I’ve done way more than you!” seems to be our go-to line as we debate who should do the last few things on the to-do list. I have to admit that my brother helps out the most, when asked, and bitches the least. It takes all four of us to get the house party ready but somehow we always manage to smile and laugh together before everyone arrives. I know I have my brother’s music selection to thank for drawing the smiles out and lightening the mood.

The planning and tension beforehand is totally worth the joy of seeing everyone enjoying themselves. I love the closeness of my family and I cherish the times when we can all take breaks from our busy lives to get together. I love the genuine hugs, the guessing game of who gets to eat the last deviled-egg, and all of the stories that are told, both new and old. So thank you mom, dad, and Garrett for making my last “birthday-party” a memorable one, you’re truly the best.

Cheers to the official countdown until my 21st birthday…Oct 16th I’m ready for ya!

XOXO – Autumn